Organize and browse all your ideas hassle-free.
The only riff library made for musicians, by musicians, 100% free.
Songwriting tool app for Mac and Windows


No more lost ideas or wasted time listening to yet another idea-v2.wav, SongRiffer will improve your creative process so you can focus on what matters: writing damn good songs.

Organize and quickly browse your riffs and song ideas.

Describing your riff is what will make your creation process faster in the future. Add tags, rate your riff, Songriffer will try to calculate the tempo to help you. Once everything is set and your library is well organized, you will no longer be looking at a meaningless list of files with obscure names. All your ideas and riffs are accessible and easy to browse.

Search for the perfect riff

Stuck by creative block, or just searching for riffs for a new song? SongRiffer makes it easy to filter your riffs so you can find badass ideas you forgot about. The quick search will allow you to show you all the files matching what you have in mind, whereas with the advanced search you will be able to fine tune your criteria and find exactly what you need. SongRiffer will dig out your kick ass riffs so they don't stay unreleased to the world.

Preview your riffs and speed up your songwriting

You can listen to your riffs through SongRiffer to know directly what they sound like. Your songwriting process will no longer be interrupted by blindly listening to dozens of riffs, you can directly hand pick the one matching your current composition, and know instantly if they can fit or not.
tags and rating to organize your riffs and ideas and browse them easily
tempo, duration and time signature to know quickly if it fits what you need
comments to write down ideas and notes about your work
built-in player to preview your riffs immediately
advanced search to dig deeper in your riff library and find the one that will help your songwriting
more features and improvement to come continuously to keep make your songwriting experience a breeze

More to come...

SongRiffer will improve and gain more features continuously to help you even more. We've got a bunch of stuff planned that will hopefully make your (and ours!) songwriting process easier. This app is made by musicians like you, so feel free to give your feedback and ideas on how SongRiffer can improve your creative process.